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Before you can run the Project Provisioner, you'll need to provide your own settings in App.config"

TfsServerUri: the address of your TFS server (ex: "http://mytfsserver:8080/tfs")
ProjectAdminGroupName: the name of your Project Administator group (ex: "Project Administrators")
ProjectReaderGroupName: the name of your Readers group, if you have one (ex: "Readers")
DefaultReaderGroupAccountNames: list of AD account names to place in the Readers group (ex: "ALL-DEVS; QA-TEST")
CreateNotifyAccountNames: list of AD account names to notify, in addition to the Project admin (ex: "bkaenel; tsmith")
ActiveDirectoryDomainName: your AD domain name (ex: "MYCOMPANY")
ActiveDirectoryDomainContainer: your AD container spec (ex: "DC=mycompany,DC=com")
ActiveDirectoryPathUsers: your AD path spec to employees (ex: "OU=AppDev,OU=Users,OU=IT Department")
ActiveDirectoryAccountPropertyName: your AD property that contains the account name (ex: "sAMAccountName")


1) Launch TFS Project Provisioner
2) Enter the URI of the Team Foundation Server
3) Select a Collection and a Process Template
4) Enter the Project name
5) Enter the AD account name of the Project's desired administrator
6) Click "Queue"

Repeat steps 2-6 as necessary

7) Click "Process Queue"

Process Summary (for each queued project)

1) Launch Visual Studio (only once per queue)
2) Create XML project definition file
3) Run "File.BatchNewTeamProject"
4) Verify that the new Project exists in the repository
5) Add the specified account to the project's "Project Administrators" group
6) Add any specified account(s) to the project's "Readers" group
7) Construct a URI for the project's web access
8) If indicated, send a confirming Outlook email message to the new project's administrator, cc'ing any other specified account(s)


Team Foundation Server 2010
Visual Studio 2010
Active Directory
MS Outlook

Outlook and Active Directory are used for discovering email addresses and sending confirmations, so this is the part of the sample code that's least likely to work correctly in your shop -- you may have to tweak significantly.  Simply uncheck the "Send email confirmations" box to disable this functionality, or comment out the code if you can't get it to compile.

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